• 100% Pure Essential Oils of
  • These Oils have Anti-inflammatory and injury healing properties
  • Which helps with general Pain and Inflammation.
  • 100% Natural, Vegan, Soy-free and Cruelty-free.


Christina's Natural Qualities' Back Pain Lotion contains 100% pure essential oils that have been used for centuries to help alleviate pain, relax muscles and decrease inflammation. This Aromatherapy lotion can be used as often as you wish. I initially created this product for my biggest critic, my Dad. He had discs in his back that had slipped out of place and he could barely walk. With much coaxing he decided to try it (since it was Friday and he couldn't get to the Dr. until Monday) He was amazed that by the next day he could stand and walk without pain. He kept a bottle handy from then on. It worked so well for Friends and Family that I began to sell it. The only complaint I have had from customers is that it doesn't come in a vat that they can just dip in. Give it a try and see for yourself. This product also contains Arnica Montana Flower. Arnica has been used for centuries for it's amazing Anti-inflammatory and injury healing properties. Give it a try and see for yourself. As with all of our products Our back Lotion is 100% Natural, Vegan and Soy Free.

Back Pain & Inflammation Lotion

  • Apply to affected area as much as needed- at least 2-3 times daily.