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Facial Products

At Christina's Natural Qualities we know everybody is unique, so we have done extensive research to find the perfect ingredients for all skin types.

Interested in an ultra moisturizing cream to put on before bed and leave you looking and feeling refreshed in the morning? Wanting a light-weight moisturizer to wear under your makeup? We have you and your skin covered!

Just check out the product description below for a more detailed look into each of our products and their ingredients!

Christina's Cream of the Crop

Christina is an RN and herbalist, who is very educated in alternative healing and has loads of knowledge and tips and tricks to share with you guys. Her daugher Tiffanie is a fun-loving spirit who loves to talk about natural healing and MAKEUP! Check Out Our Blog to get insight into who we are and why we do what we do. Who knows?- You might even learn something new!

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