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At Christina's Natural Qualities we don't believe in "weeds". Every plant has a purpose. We have done extensive research to find the "purpose" of all the plant-based ingredients that we use. The juice from the Jewelweed plant, also known as "Wild Touch-Me-Not" due to it's unique seed pods that burst open when touched, neutralizes the urushiol or "POISON" in POISON IVY. At Christina's Natural Qualities we gather and extract our Jewelweed by hand. It is then packaged in convenient spritzers bottles or made into our Goat's Milk Soap for ease of use. If you think you have come into contact with poison ivy, just wash with the soap which may help prevent a poison ivy rash. If you do get a rash from poison ivy, just wash the affected area with the soap and spray with the Jewelweed Extract spritzer to relieve itch instantly and help clear up the rash quicker! This also works for Poison Oak as well!

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