If you are looking for just a touch of color but don't like all that flashy sparkle, CNQ's Spirit Bronzer is for you. Christina’s Natural Qualities Spirit Bronzer is a partially translucent mixture of 100% natural, healthy ingredients to give your skin a beautiful sun kissed glow in a matte finish. Whether you just hit the highlights or apply a little color all over, CNQ's Spirit Bronzer is sure to give you that gorgeous, subtle radiance you are looking for.


Spirit comes in two versitile shades. Choose the perfect one to accentuate your skin tone.


Cool Spirit matches light to medium cool skin tones with pink undertones.

Warm Spirit matches medium warm skin tones with yellow undertones.


Spirit can also be used on the cheeks for a very natural looking blush. All of our foundations, Veils and Bronzers come as a loose powder in a sifter jar with a convenient rotating sifter that can be closed to keep the makeup in the jar and not all over your purse.

Mineral Spirit Matte Bronzing Powder

  • Apply on top of completed makeup using a soft round brush. Dust a little bit where you would normally get sun, such as the nose, cheeks, forehead. Or use on cheeks for a natural looking blush.