• Contains 100% naturally-forming minerals
  • botanicals of Calendula and Allantoin for healing and decreased inflammation
  • perfect for problem skin, aging skin and completely safe for all age groups
  • 100% natural, mineral and plant based, vegan, Soy free, Paraben free, preservative free, and cruelty free


CNQ's unique powder foundation formula combines 100% naturally-forming minerals with magnesium and carnauba wax for better coverage and wearability. Our base also contains botanical powders of Calendula and Allantoin. These botanicals have been used for centuries to decrease inflammation and encourage healing of minor skin rashes and wounds, making this the perfect product for problem skin, aging skin and completely safe for all age groups. Titanium dioxide bends light coupled with zinc oxide's natural sun protecting abilities making the natural SPF of one layer of mineral makeup 10 or more. Apply two, light layers (foundation and mineral veil) and you have the coverage of SPF 20!! You will love the way this makeup makes your skin feel!! It has excellent coverage, lasts all day and is so lightweight it doesn't feel like you are wearing any make-up at all. All of our foundations, Veils and Bronzers come as a loose powder in a sifter jar with a convenient rotating sifter that can be closed to keep the makeup in the jar and not all over your purse.


If your skin tone is more pink, you are a Cool Tone and need a Shade with names beginning with A-Id.

If your skin tone is neither pink or yellow, you are a Neutral Tone and need a Shade with names beginning with In-P.

If your skin tone is more yellow, you are a Warm Tone and need a shade with a name beginning with R-Z.


Remember to pay special attention to your neck and outside areas of your face when choosing a Shade of Foundation. You want to ignore the cheek areas as they may appear more red/pink but not necessarily match your skin tone.


If you have any problems at all selecting a shade feel free to contact me via email at cnqcosmetics@gmail.com or any of our social media platforms!  I may be able to walk you through the process, or send a few sample baggies with an order so you can try out a color!  I'm always here to help and very interested in getting to know you all!

Mineral Foundation Powder- Warm Tones R-Z

  • With a large brush, buff powder into the skin using circular motions.