Christina's Natural Qualities' Plantain Salve contains a wild harvested blend of common and English plantain extracted in Sunflower seed oil. It is blended with essential oils that have been used for centuries to promote healing and to aid in preventing infection of all types of wounds. The Plantain and essential oils also help soothe Pain and Itch. This is the first thing my Grandson and Great Nieces request for all of their boo boo's and bites. Also safe to use on dogs. This is great stuff for cuts, scrapes, bites. Heck, we use it for almost everything. I have now added some Arnica Extract and Lime and Cedarwood essential oils to my recipe. These particular essential oils are well known for their ability to kill gram negative bacteria. While the Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium and Frankincense did a great job on the gram positive, we encountered one nasty infected rash that it wasn't completely clearing up. After adding these additional Essential Oils the tough rash was gone in just a few days! As far as the Arnica, like plantain, it helps decrease healing time and has analgesic properties as well. It seems that the under ten year old age group are some of my biggest users- and let me tell you, these kids expect ALOT! They are used to putting the salve on a cut or scrape and it not only makes it feel better but is gone in just a few days.

Plantain Salve Plus

  • Apply generously directly to cuts, scrapes, burns, etc.